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How do I Call Cash App Customer Service?

If you've used the Cash App for payment or you're unsure how to use the app, you can call their toll-free Cash App customer service number. However, you'll have to be very careful as scammers may use these numbers to drain your account of its last few dollars. The BBB has now issued a new scam alert. Fortunately, you can prevent the scam from happening to you by following these simple steps.

Before calling, ensure that the cash app has the correct permissions to access your mobile device. If you allow the app to use your phone camera, it will access various files and data and may retain location information. However, if you're concerned that Cash App may have accessed your personal information, you can remove it.

Some consumers have reported losing thousands of dollars to scammers who claim to be offering Cash App customer service. Typically, consumers have searched the internet for a customer service phone number for the app. A representative from the company calls, requesting login information and transferring funds to a dummy account. These scammers claim that they're transferring the money to assess the problem, but instead, they've transferred the money into their accounts and don't intend to return it.

Don't provide sensitive information to a Cash App customer service number representative to protect you from fraud. For example, never give your full debit card number to anyone who calls you. Scammers can use this to steal your personal information, including your social security number. If you do, you'll have no way of recovering it. As long as you follow these tips, Cash App customer service is safe. But remember, it's always better to keep your account secure and protected.

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